Check out the style of KimberLite with our new website and graphics as we rebrand for growth


About KimberLite


KimberLite is the world’s first diamond powered Web3 ecosystem, with one clear objective: to optimise the legacy diamond industry and modernise it through blockchain technology.

Through its innovative ecosystem, KimberLite not only aims to create a breakthrough within the antiquated diamond industry, but also make precious diamonds accessible to all through gamification and ease of use.

KimberLite’s parent company, BSR Global, has been in business since 1968 and has managed to build a robust diamond exporting operation, with monthly export volumes valued at over 8 figures.

As KimberLite can be seen as BSR’s Web3 branch, a unique branding was created to differentiate both entities and make KimberLite resonate more with a cryptocurrency audience.

After first going public in February 2022, KimberLite has received widespread attention from both inside and outside the Web3 industry. In total, over 250+ investors have committed a grand total of $1,000,000 dollars to the KimberLite project, far exceeding all expectations previously set for the early stage funding rounds.

Moving forward towards the $KIMBER token’s official presale, IDO, IEO and exchange listing, the team decided to launch a full scale brand revamp, starting with the KimberLite website, marketing materials and all of KimberLite’s social media accounts on different platforms.

Through this rebrand, KimberLite is positioning itself for successful IDO and IEO campaigns, setting itself apart from similar brands through a vibrant design, voice and mission. For investors with a vested interest in KimberLite’s success, this change will shine a spotlight on the company and generate further attention from the Web3 community.

Aside from the rebrand, KimberLite are running several large scale marketing campaigns leading up to the IDO, IEO & exchange listings, in an effort to reward current investors and create awareness around the KimberLite brand.

Further details about the rebranding process will be shared across all of KimberLite social medias attached below.