KimberLite Token Launches its Initial Decentralised Offer (IDO) on Top-Tier Launchpads


Exciting news for cryptocurrency investors and blockchain enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce that KimberLite Token will be launching its highly anticipated Initial Decentralized Offer (IDO) on three prestigious launchpads – Gagarin, Gempad, and IXIR.


With a collective target of $300,000, this IDO presents a unique opportunity for participants to contribute to the growth and success of KimberLite Token while enjoying attractive benefits and high returns on investment.


Sale Details:

Each of the three sales will focus on raising $100,000, with a price per token set at $0.20. In each sale, there will be 500,000 tokens available for purchase. This strategic allocation aims to ensure widespread accessibility, allowing investors to join in and support KimberLite Token’s vision for the future of the diamond industry.


Liquidity and Listing:

The $300,000 raised from the IDO sales will be utilised in full to provide liquidity for our upcoming listing on the largest BEP-20 decentralized exchange (DEX), PancakeSwap. This listing will occur at an agreed price of $0.22 per token. By establishing maximum stability for KIMBER token early on, we aim to create a solid foundation for continued growth and long-term success.


What is KimberLite Token?

KimberLite Token is a ground-breaking blockchain project that aims to revolutionise the diamond industry. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, KimberLite Token provides a secure and transparent platform for diamond sourcing, trading, and authentication. Our mission is to break down barriers, eliminate intermediaries, and bring efficiency, fairness, and trust to the diamond ecosystem.


Pre-Sale Opportunity:

We are delighted to announce that our Pre-Sale is now live, giving early supporters a chance to participate in this exciting project. During the Pre-Sale, KimberLite Tokens can be acquired at a special discounted price of just $0.17 per token. Additionally, we are offering up to 25% in FREE Bonus tokens for everyone who takes part. This presents a remarkable opportunity for investors to enjoy incredible returns when compared to our listing price of $0.22.



The launch of KimberLite Token’s IDO on three top-tier launchpads marks a significant milestone in our journey to transform the diamond industry. We invite blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and industry participants to join us in shaping the future of diamond trading. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of a project that brings transparency, efficiency, and trust to an industry ripe for disruption.


Visit our website at to learn more about the project, participate in the Pre-Sale, and secure your investment in KimberLite Token. Together, let’s unlock the true potential of blockchain technology for the diamond industry.