KimberLite: The Crypto-Game Changer Powered by Diamonds, Launches Presale – Don’t Miss Out!


What is Kimberlite?

KimberLite is an entire web3 ecosystem, composed of 4 different entities, with one objective; to modernise the diamond industry through blockchain technology.

Currently, the legacy diamond industry faces significant issues that hinder the supply chain, and leave enormous room for improvement and optimisation.

Sectors like banking and hospitals have already begun incorporating blockchain technology to validate transactions and organise their operations. When it comes to precious commodities, blockchain technology has yet to be introduced, making $KIMBER a world’s first within the crypto industry.

As mentioned above, KimberLite’s ecosystem is comprised of 4 different entities, all of which are interconnected and share the same transformative goal.


The $KIMBER Token

The $KIMBER token offers stability, instant and cheap international transfers as well as ease of use. BSR Global’s main partners have already begun using $KIMBER for all transactions made with them, guaranteeing enormous initial adoption post-token launch, and setting a reference standard for other major diamond exporters to follow suit.

Due to the predictability of the transaction values being conducted, the token’s price and liquidity is always going to be stable regardless of market conditions, making it an attractive alternative to Bitcoin-pegged cryptocurrency investments.

Additionally, $KIMBER will be burned on an annual basis as a share of the overall profits has already been allocated to token buybacks and burns. This will continue until 50% of the tokens originally minted have been burnt.

The KimberLite ecosystem is comprised of 3 other entities which are all interconnected through the $KIMBER token, and serve to increase the tokens adoption exponentially:



KimberRush is revolutionising the play-to-earn industry, by solving the sustainability issue encountered by most other GameFi games, and becoming the first P2E game backed by a 9 figure legacy corporation.

An all in one gaming ecosystem, KimberRush gives players the chance to mine for real precious diamonds from their digital device. Simply buy or rent a piece of land in the game space and start mining for diamonds of different sizes hidden within the game, which are worth up to $50,000!

Once a diamond has been mined, it will show up as TNFT (Tangible-Non-Fungible-Token) in the players KimberWallet, and will be redeemable for its physical diamond counterpart held in safe storage by KimberLite or the lucky player can sell it in our store and receive $KIMBER as payment!



A digital marketplace where TNFTs and real diamonds can be bought and sold, making them accessible to the general retail sector. 

BSR Global select the best stones they receive from their network of miners each month and create TNFTs based on those real gems. The diamond is scanned using a 3D scanner to make a JPEG. It is then inspected by a third party Gemmologist who issues a detailed written report. Finally, the stone is placed in a secure vault in New York and a storage certificate is generated.

This three documents are then combined and minted into a TNFT on the Binance network.

Buyers can view the documentation, images as well as watch a video of these diamonds on KimberMarket before purchasing. All sales are made exclusively using $KIMBER and the buyer receives the TNFT in their wallet.

If at any time in the future the buyer wants to swap his virtual asset for the real physical diamond they can. The TNFT will be burnt and BSR Global will deliver the real stone to the owner FREE of charge.

Meaning KimberMarket is the perfect place not only for diamond dealers and enthusiasts to acquire highly desirable diamonds but also for those who want to own untraceable virtual assets.

Unlike many normal NFTs, which often depreciate in value, our Tangible-Non-Fungible-Tokens (TNFTs) are backed by real diamonds meaning they are only ever going to increase in value. Investors could also decide to get the real stones cut and generate 30-40% in immediate profits.



The wallet that connects the ecosystem. Throughout KimberLite’s business model, market participants face many issues that slow down the supply chain, caused by non adaptive and obsolete technology. 

KimberWallet and the $KIMBER token provide an open, cheap and reliable framework for the diamond industry, starting off with KimberLite’s business partners and quickly gaining market-wide adoption. From miners to end buyers, the entire precious commodity will eventually adapt blockchain technology through the KimberLite ecosystem. 

Our own dedicated wallet will be downloadable for either Android or iPhone and will come with $KIMBER installed ready to run. Making it easier for miners even in the remotest locations to join our incredible platform.


The KimberLite Presale

KimberLite has decided to open up a final funding round to the general public, through a presale held on the KimberLite website ( Having already raised $1.5M and sold over 10M tokens during previous funding rounds, unfortunately, only a small percentage of participants will receive allocations and be able to purchase $KIMBER during this final presale.

$KIMBER has a max supply of 200,000,000 tokens, a figure which will consistently decrease as millions of tokens are burned according to KimberLite’s unique business model, just 2,000,000 of these tokens have been allocated to the presale.

The presale price is set at $0.15, giving early investors, who are lucky enough to get an allocation, a guaranteed 25% profit as soon as $KIMBER is listed on the DEX/CEX at $0.20 in just a few weeks.

There are also up to 50% in FREE Bonus tokens available (depending the amount you purchase) with all investors receiving a 5% FREE gift for joining the presale, making this an excellent opportunity for investors to reap 30 – 75% profit instantly.

NOTE: We will be announcing full details of our IDO and IEO very soon, where the price per token will increase to 20 cents before we finally list at our target price of $0.20.


Sale Details

Tokens Allocated – 2,000,000

Price Per Token – $0.15

Minimum Order – $750 (5,000 tokens)

Maximum Order – $15,000 (100,000 tokens)

FREE Bonus Tokens

* Everybody gets 5% FREE bonus tokens – order $750 worth you get 5% FREE tokens.

* If you order 10,000 Tokens which equals $1,500 then you get 15% FREE bonus tokens.

* If you order 30,000 Tokens which equals $4,500 then you get 25% FREE bonus tokens

* If you order 50,000 Token which equals $7,500 then you get 50% FREE bonus tokens


How to buy $KIMBER during the presale


Step 1 – Download a non custodial wallet

The KimberLite presale is compatible with most popular wallets, however, we always recommend MetaMask or Trustwallet as a safe place to store your $KIMBER.

There are tutorial videos on the FAQ page of our website which explain how to install your wallet and add KimberLite token.


Step 2 – Create an account on our website

Click the $KIMBER Token button in the top right hand corner of our website ( or visit:

Simply create an account by entering your; Name, Email Address and selecting a password.

You will receive an email to verify your account details, click the link in the email to login.

NOTE: If you are using iOS and Safari browser and have problems with the email link, simply copy and paste the link address into your browser.


Step 3 – Purchase your $KIMBER

Once you are logged in you will be taken to the ‘Dashboard’ of your new account.

Click the ‘Buy Token Now’ button to access the purchasing section.

Follow the easy instructions on the site to create your order:

1. Select how you would like to pay – we accept all major crypto’s as well as PayPal

2. Enter how many tokens you would like to purchase

3. Click the ‘Make Payment’ button at the bottom of the page

If you have selected a Fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, RUB, INR, JPY, CHF, SGD or HKD) then you will be taken to the PayPal payment portal.

Don’t have a PayPal account? No problem, you can still pay with your Credit or Debit card as a guest.

Once we have received your order and payment we will immediately send your $KIMBER tokens to wallet address you have nominated. If you have any questions then feel free to email our support team ( who are always happy to help.


Our payment options and simple-to-follow process makes the KimberLite Presale one of the easiest to enter, even for crypto newbies.