KimberLite: Empowering the Community, Building Transparency, and Reaping Rewards


At KimberLite Token, our community is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our mission to promote transparency and reward our community members, we are thrilled to unveil the KimberLite Ambassador Program. This program not only offers lucrative opportunities but also increases transparency and keeps our community members up to date with the latest project news.

Ambassadors in our program will enjoy direct access to key team members and decision-making processes. This inside information can then be transferred back to the community, ensuring a clear path for information flow and enabling all KimberLite members to stay informed about the project.

Navigating the Tiers

There are four levels within the KimberLite Ambassador program, each with its own unique role. We have also created a route to promotion, giving everyone the chance to progress up to the top tier and reap the maximum rewards. The tiers include Explorer, Miner, Cutter, and Master.

The first tier, Explorer, is attainable by any active community member who has been dedicated for a minimum of two months. The Miner level requires ambassadors to showcase their creativity by writing KimberLite-focused articles and promoting the project’s outstanding features on Twitter. Moving up to the Cutter level entails helping to spread the word about KimberLite on a global scale, identifying the needs of local communities worldwide.

Finally, the Master tier is for those community leaders who aspire to drive KimberLite to the top, with various roles to choose from, including Community Leader, Social Butterfly, Creative Genius, or Event Planner.

A unique initiative

What sets the KimberLite Ambassador Program apart is the well-defined goals and objectives associated with each tier. This ensures that ambassadors earn their stripes as they progress through the program.

In addition to the potential for career advancement, the program offers a range of rewards to ambassadors. These include recognition from fellow community members through custom emoji and special Ambassador Discord roles. Ambassadors also gain access to private chat channels on Discord, where they can connect and collaborate with their peers. Moreover, they enjoy exclusive access to key KimberLite team members and actively contribute as $KIMBER revolutionizes the Diamond industry.

To acknowledge the commitment and outstanding performance of our ambassadors, we have created a monthly reward pool of $1,750. This pool is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the top-performing ambassadors at each level. Standout ambassadors even have a chance to receive a Diamond Backed NFT from our exclusive KimberLite Collectibles.

Furthermore, Master Ambassadors receive the ultimate recognition by being featured in official KimberLite marketing materials and showcased on our website.

Join us in the KimberLite Ambassador Program and be part of a thriving community, driving growth, and promoting transparency. Together, we will forge the path to success and disrupt the Web3 industry forever.


Find out more information and apply to become an Explorer with KimberLite HERE